Frequently Asked Questions

What are the motorbike requirements?

All motorbikes joining the ride must be able to safely maintain highway speeds, be registered and insured. We ask that smaller machines stay at the rear of the group at all times for the safety of all road users.

What if I intend to ride the dirt road sections?

You must have a set of road legal dual purpose tyres fitted to your bike. For example the Continental TKC 80 tyres or something similar.

What does it cost?

There is a non-refundable registration fee per person of $250 which must be paid when registering for the event. This will cover:

  • All logistics
  • Accommodation during the event
  • Breakfast on all 3 days
  • Two MotoCyc shirts with sponsor logos and cap. 

NOTE: All other items including fuel, maintenance and additional meals are to be covered by the participants.

Do I need to book my own accommodation?

Camp Quality will source and book quality accommodation for the event so we can all stay together. Accommodation will be shared with fellow participants of the same sex unless in a couple. The cost of accommodation on the event is covered by the $250 registration fee. Please note; the accommodation is on a shared basis and if you would like a single room, an additional cost will be required.

What about my luggage?

Our wonderful support crew will be driving a car and towing a van, where all luggage will be stored and transported to our accommodation. Please note, there is minimal space so please only pack the necessities.

How do I fundraise?

The Camp Quality fundraising team is here to support you through all your fundraising efforts. We can provide you with loads of information on how to maximize your online fundraising page, as this is such an easy and efficient way to smash your target. We also have a heap of hints, tips and ideas within our fundraising tool kit as well as a number of sponsorship opportunities available. 


If you need any other help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at  

Can I partner up with others to fundraise?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can partner up with others doing the ride and fundraise together to be part of a wider team. Please note though there is still a minimum to fundraise of $1000 per rider and $500 for a pillion. For Support Crew it is not a requirement to fundraise however you can choose to help support Camp Quality and other participants.

What are the safety requirements?

All riders will be required to wear appropriate safety gear as per below:

  • Australian compliant helmet
  • Leather Motorcycle Jacket or equivalent
  • Leather motorcycle pants or jeans with Kevlar or equivalent
  • Leather Gloves
  • Motorcycle boots. If you are riding the dirt roads have adventure style boots as you will possibly stand up for a fair bit of the dirt road sections.

Our number one priority is safety. Speed limits must be adhered to in all instances. Concentration and vigilance on the road is paramount as individual safety is group safety.

There are some sections on the dirt roads where we will be limiting speeds and will travel in small groups due to the nature of the roads and oncoming traffic. There will however be some fantastic long and winding roads where we will have a bit more freedom but again staying within speed limits and your riding capabilities.

You will be required to pass a breath test before commencing the ride each day. Subsequent failure to read under .05 BAC for Open licence and ZERO for Provisional licence holders (under NSW Law) in this test will result in the rider being withdrawn from the event. So please - have fun but know your limits and stay in control.

What happens if my motorbike breaks down?

We will have a trailer at the rear of the group that can carry motorbikes to the nearest mechanic. We recommend that you have your own roadside assist insurance such as NRMA in case emergency mechanical assistance is required.  The cost of the repair will be at your own expense.

Are we covered under Camp Quality’s Public Liability Insurance?

No. You need your own Compulsory Third Party Insurance. As part of our Risk Assessment and Safety Requirements for Motocyc in addition to Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), all Motocyc motorbikes must be covered by either Third Party Property Damage OR Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance.  The insurance policy must be valid for any vehicle to be able to participate in ANY Camp Quality organised events.

Do we get to see any Camp Quality programs while on Motocyc?

As part of Motocyc we visit schools along the way to watch firsthand the Camp Quality Primary School Education Program that utilises puppets to educate and answer difficult questions kids have about cancer.


If you need any further information or guidance, please contact:

Newcastle Camp Quality  
02 4947 3041