Terms & Conditions

Event Rules

Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before registering for Camp Quality’s Motocyc 2024.

I understand that by registering for Camp Quality’s Motocyc 2024 (The Event), I accept and agree to the Event's Terms and Conditions and Event Rules.

1. General
  1. I understand that any changes to the Terms & Conditions are at the discretion of Camp Quality and can occur at any time.
  2. If changes to the Terms & Conditions are made, registered individuals will be notified by Camp Quality and an updated version of the Terms & Conditions will be made available on the Camp Quality Motocyc 2024 website.
  3. I acknowledge that the Event is a potentially hazardous undertaking and has inherent dangers and risks, including injury or death. By registering for the event, I acknowledge and accept those risks.
  4. I confirm that I will be 18 years or older on the day of the event in order to participate. I understand that individuals who are younger than 18 years of age on the day of the Event are excluded from participation in the Event.
  5. I confirm I do not have any medical condition which would prohibit me from safely participating in the Event. 
  6. I agree to disclose in advance to Camp Quality all medical information which may be relevant for Event First Aiders in providing effective treatment to me during the Event. If I fail to do so, I accept that this could hinder any medical response provided to me. 
  7. Information including medical information will only be provided to First Aid responders and emergency services for the purpose of efficiently responding to a first aid incident.
  8. Camp Quality will ensure that all medical information will be safely and securely stored and following completion of the Event, securely destroyed.
  9. Camp Quality may vary the advertised route prior or during the Event at the discretion of Camp Quality or at the direction of emergency services, stakeholders and landowners.
  10. I acknowledge that Camp Quality may implement measures to protect any participants or attendees of the Event, including Camp Quality employees, volunteers and third party contractors, and that I must comply with all directions given by Camp Quality for the duration of the Event. 
  11. The 2024 Event is scheduled to start in Heatherbrae, Newcastle on Friday, 22 March, 2024 and ends in Heatherbrae, Newcastle on Sunday, 24 March, 2024. 
  12. Camp Quality may vary the advertised Event route prior to the event, or during the event, at the disc.
  13. Camp Quality has zero tolerance towards aggressive, anti-social and non-inclusive behaviour. It is expected that all people treat each other with respect, and be inclusive of Camp Quality’s diverse community.
  14. Appropriate and respectful language and tone are expected at all times 
  15. Camp Quality considers any form of child/young person abuse, inclusive of emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect, as intolerable, under any circumstances.
  16. Camp Quality has zero-tolerance towards abuse and neglect of children and young people.
2. Registration and fees
  1. Registration for the Event closes on 9 February, 2024.
  2. I acknowledge that my entry fee of AUD$325 is payable upon registration and is non-refundable, unless the Event is cancelled by Camp Quality.
  3. Registrations are transferrable to another person for the same Event; however, a $30 administration fee will be payable.
  4. I acknowledge that late registrations are generally not accepted. However, late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of Camp Quality and may incur a late-registration fee.
3. Fundraising and fundraising minimum
  1. I commit to raising a minimum fundraising amount of:
    $1,500 as a Participant Rider
    $ 500 as a Pillion Passenger
    (“Minimum Commitment”) by the day of the Event.
  2. I acknowledge that I may be disqualified from participating in the Event if I have not raised the Minimum Commitment as per my participant entry type.
  3. I acknowledge that I have the option of making a self-donation to my fundraising page on the day of the Event to ensure that I meet the Minimum Commitment to participate in the Event.
4. Event accommodation
  1. Camp Quality will produce an Accommodation Guide prior to the event. Accommodation for participants is provided on a twin-share basis. Participants who wish to pay an additional fee for a single room supplement (subject to availability) should contact the Camp Quality Motocyc team at the time of registration.
5. Drivers/riders' licence requirements
  1. All drivers are required to have a full and current driver’s or rider's licence, as applicable, to participate in the Event. 
  2. Drivers on P Plates are permitted to take part in the event under the supervision of a guardian with the prior consent of Camp Quality. 
  3. Riders on Learners Permits are not accepted.
6. Vehicle requirements and safety equipment
  1. Your vehicle must comply with the requirements laid out in the Event Rules.
  2. Your vehicle must be fitted with all safety equipment prescribed in the Event Rules.
  3. Riders must ensure they wear all prescribed safety gear and equipment at all times as laid out in the Event Rules.
  4. Participants who do not meet these requirements will be disqualified from the Event.
  5. All riders should adhere to the corner man system on Event and follow directions of Event official riders at all times.
7. Insurance
  1. All Event vehicles must be covered by Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) as well as Third Party Property Damage or Comprehensive Insurance.
  2. Evidence of the policy, which must be current, must be presented to Camp Quality prior to participating in any of the above activities.
8. Photo, video, images and media consent
  1. I consent to Camp Quality using information obtained and/or photographic images and video taken (the Content) to promote Camp Quality’s charitable purposes, its programs, events and fundraising including, but not limited to, social media platforms, publications, campaigns, promotional videos, websites and other related methods of promotion in both electronic and printed formats.
  2. I acknowledge that I can revoke this consent at any time by contacting Camp Quality.
  3. I acknowledge that I have read and understood Camp Quality’s privacy policy (click here to view), which provides further information about how Camp Quality may collect, use and manage personal information including photos and recordings.
9. Event cancellation
  1. I acknowledge that the Event operates in the outdoors, in all weather conditions, during daylight hours and during the night and uses road networks which may be located in remote areas, National Parks and bushland as well as in suburban areas. Consequently, there are many risk factors that Camp Quality needs to take into account when deciding to proceed with or cancel the Event.
  2. Camp Quality reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to cancel the Event, or make any modifications to the route or other details of the Event as it considers necessary in the circumstances. Camp Quality will notify all participants of the cancellation or modification of the Event as soon as practical.
  3. I acknowledge that if the Event is cancelled because Camp Quality determines, in its absolute discretion, that the Event cannot be held in a safe way, or due to extreme weather risks, bush fire risk, or due to restrictions imposed upon it by land holders, stakeholders, or the inability of key suppliers to support the Event or any such similar circumstance, Camp Quality will refund 50% of the registration fee.
  4. Where Camp Quality has already outlaid costs, such as event merchandise, venue, catering and accommodation bookings which are non-refundable to Camp Quality, these costs cannot be refunded to an Event entrant. Any merchandise purchased will be provided to the Event entrant.
  5. In case of Event cancellation, for any reason, I acknowledge that all funds I have already raised for Camp Quality up to the date of Event cancellation are non-refundable and may be used by Camp Quality for its charitable purposes.
  6. If the Event is postponed to an alternative date within a reasonable timeframe, a fundraiser’s registration fee and funds raised will automatically be transferred to the alternative date. If that date is not suitable, a participant may apply for a refund of registration fees.
10. Disqualification and exclusion
  1. Camp Quality reserves the right to disqualify or exclude the Participant from further participation in the Event if:
    • The Participant breaches the Terms & Conditions outlined in this document
    • Does not meet CQ’s expectations of Participant Code of Conduct
    • Has not paid the registration fee in full or reached the fundraising minimum prior to the Event
    • Is unable to finish or is unlikely to finish the Event (in the opinion of Camp Quality) within the Event operational timings
  2. I understand that breaching these Terms & Conditions may result in my immediate disqualification from the Event by Camp Quality and that this will exclude me from further participation in the Event. In such case, I confirm that Camp Quality will not be held responsible for any financial loss or damage I may suffer as a result of my disqualification and exclusion from the event.
11. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State or States where the Event is being held.

Event Rules

Before the event

  • All participants must ensure that they have met the fundraising minimum according to their participation type, (Rider, Pillion) in accordance with section 3 of Terms and Conditions
  • All participants must ensure that they comply with all Rider Requirements as outlined in section 5 of the Terms and Conditions
  • All participants must ensure that their motorbike complies with all Bike Requirements and is equipped with all safety equipment in accordance with section 6 of the Terms and Conditions. Requirements are detailed below and insurance in accordance with section 7 of Terms and Conditions
  • ALL entrants are required to attend the driver briefing, as notified by Camp Quality, on Day 1 of the Event

Bike, Rider and Safety Requirements

Camp Quality will provide the Bike, Rider and Safety Requirements and pack checklist on its website as part of the registration process for entrants. Please ensure that you have read and understood these requirements before registering to enable you to pass scrutineering.

All bikes

  • Must be able to safely maintain highway speeds
  • Need to be registered and insured with Comprehensive or Third Party Property Insurance, in addition to Compulsory Third Party insurance
  • Must be in top mechanical order (road worthy and recently serviced)
  • All brands and types of bikes are welcome
  • Smaller-capacity machines, or those new to riding, should depart at the rear of the group for the safety of all road users

Adventure riding

  • Adventure riding is riding predominately on dirt or gravel roads on bikes generally with 50/50 or higher off-road nobby tyres. It is not traditional dirt bike riding. We will not be bush-bashing or looking for very steep or muddy single tracks

Adventure rider bike requirements

  • In addition to the requirements listed above for all bikes, you must: have a set of road legal, dual-purpose tyres fitted to your bike, with maximum 20% wear to commence the ride
  • The Continental TKC 80 tyres or something similar are a popular option
  • All adventure bike types and brands with good ground clearance are welcome

Rider requirements

  • We welcome new and experienced riders over the age of 18 years old with a full motorbike licence
  • Riders on a P Plate are permitted to drive on the event under the supervision of a guardian with the prior consent of Camp Quality
  • We do not accept riders on Learners Permits

Safety gear

  • Riders will be supplied with a high-vis vest to wear at all times whilst riding on the event
  • Australian compliant full-face helmet must be worn. An open-face helmet is not accepted
  • Leather or textile motorcycle jacket with soft armour inserts (elbow, shoulder & back)
  • Leather or textile motorcycle pants or jeans with kevlar
  • Leather or textile motorcycle gloves; no fingerless gloves Motorcycle boots

Adventure riders – additional requirements

  • If you are riding the Adventure routes, wear adventure-style boots as you may possibly stand up for extended periods on the dirt sections
  • Adventure boots must have good shin and ankle protection with support
  • Adventure riders should also carry a backpack with water and snacks

During the Event

Drugs and alcohol

  • The Event is a drug and alcohol free event for all participants during the Event, as well as the general public visiting Event venues enroute
  • I agree that I will not participate in the Event under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and will refrain from smoking, including e-cigarettes and the like, at official Event venues, which include the Start, Fun Stops, the Finish, and the Event route
  • The responsible consumption of alcohol is encouraged once the Event is completed, or during any evening gatherings organised as part of the Event. Camp Quality reserves the right to conduct a breath test of all drivers
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in public areas such as parks, ovals and sporting grounds, unless it is in relation to an official social event and approved by management
  • Under no circumstances should an entrant or official consume alcohol prior to entering school premises. Under no circumstances should an entrant or official consume alcohol enroute or while travelling in an Event vehicle
  • Each participant will be required to pass a breath test before commencing the ride each day. Subsequent failure to read under .05 BAC for Open licence and ZERO for Provisional licence holders (under NSW Law) in this test will result in the rider being withdrawn from the Event


  • All passengers must refrain from smoking, including e-cigarettes, while in any Event vehicle, and at official Event venues, which include the Start, Fun Stops, the Finish, and on any part of the Event route


  • The promoter of the Event is Camp Quality. In the interest of safety, insurance and event management, the request and directions of all people will be designated by Camp Quality. Please adhere to all rules and regulations and the officials implementing them

Personal protection gear

  • It is mandatory for all participants to wear a high visibility safety vest during any emergency or unscheduled stop while enroute. Safety vests play an important role in keeping us safe on the Event. Promoting visibility, a safety vest can help minimise traffic hazards and reduce accidents. By wearing a safety vest when exiting your vehicle on the route, drivers can identify a dangerous area and slow their vehicles down so they can travel through an incident, breakdown and around pedestrians in a safe manner

Road rules

  • The Event is neither a speed event nor a race; it’s a chance to ride/drive through different parts of Australia in support of kids facing cancer
  • The Event is not exempt from state legislated road and traffic rules, and infringements of speed limits and blood alcohol limits can be prosecuted by the police
  • Participants who, by breaking the law or behaving in a dangerous manner, bring discredit to the Event may be required by Camp Quality to withdraw from the Event and may not be invited to participate in future Camp Quality events