What you need

Bike requirements

  • Must be able to safety maintain highway speeds
  • Be registered and insured with Comprehensive or Third Party Property insurance
  • In top mechanical order (road worthy and recently serviced)
  • All brands and types of bikes are welcome
  • Smaller-capacity machines, or those new to riding, should depart at the rear of the group for the safety of all road users

rider requirements

  • We welcome new and experienced riders over the age of 18 years old with a full motorbike licence.
  • Riders on a P-Plate are permitted to drive on the event under the supervision of a guardian with the prior consent of Camp Quality.
  • We do not accept riders on Learners Permits.

Safety Gear

  • Riders will be supplied with a high-vis vest to wear at all times whilst riding on the event
  • Australian compliant full-face helmet is required. An open-face helmet is not accepted
  • Leather or textile motorcycle jacket with soft armour inserts (elbow, shoulder & back)
  • Leather or textile motorcycle pants or jeans with kevlar
  • Leather or textile motorcycle gloves; no fingerless gloves
  • Motorcycle boots

Adventure Riding

Adventure riding is predominately on dirt or gravel roads on bikes with 50/50 or higher off-road nobby tyres. It is not traditional dirt bike riding. We will not be bush-bashing or looking for very steep or muddy single tracks.



  • If you are riding the Adventure routes, wear adventure-style boots as you may possibly stand up for extended periods on the dirt sections
  • Adventure boots must have good shin and ankle protection with support
  • Adventure riders should also carry a backpack with water and snacks



  • Have a set of road legal, dual purpose tyres fitted to your bike, with maximum 20% wear to commence the ride
  • The Continental TKC 80 tyres or something similar are a popular option
  • All adventure bike types and brands with good ground clearance are welcome


What happens if my bike breaks down?

We travel with Support Crew who will be there to assist you. It may be that your bike can’t be fixed and, in this case, they will assist with transporting your bike to the nearest town.

Do I have to carry my luggage?

Our wonderful Support Crew will be driving a van and towing a trailor, where all luggage will be stored and transported to your accommodation. Please note, there is minimal space so please only pack the necessities.

Am I covered under Camp Quality's Public Liability Insurance?

No. You need your own Compulsory Third Party Insurance. As part of our Risk Assessment and Safety Requirements for Motocyc, in addition to Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), all Motocyc motorbikes must be covered by either Third Party Property Damage OR Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance. The insurance policy must be valid for any vehicle to be able to participate in ANY Camp Quality-organised events.

What about fuel stops?

For the Road route, plan to fill up at each break or when needed at the predetermined fuel stops.

For the Adventure route, plan to carry some fuel in a bladder or similar if your bike cannot travel for more than 300km without a refill. There will be some sections that may require you to travel this distance without refuelling.

Remember, you will not get the fuel consumption you would typically get on the road when travelling on dirt or gravel.

Get in touch

Contact Deb Moore at the Camp Quality Motocyc team.