Personal Data Collection Statement

At Camp Quality we are committed to protecting your privacy online. We protect any personal information you give us while you use our websites. 

Personal Information Collection Notice

By registering and completing the required fields you are providing information to Camp Quality Ltd (‘Personal Information’).

What Types of Information Do We Collect?


Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website to your computer or mobile phone. They are stored on the hard drive of your device. Some are stored just for the duration of your visit to the website, others are stored for much longer periods. We use cookies to make our website better for you. By using Camp Quality’s websites, you consent to our use of cookies.

Cookies include:

  • information about your interaction with the site, for example, when you view or search content; and
  • IP addresses, browser type, language, operating system, mobile device information (including device identifiers), the referring web page, pages visited, and location.

Information of this type (‘Cookies’) is anonymous and does not personally identify you but is helpful for us to improve the business performance and user experience of the site.

Personal Information

Personal information is information that can be used to identify you. It can include your name, date of birth, email address, postal address and telephone number.

In order for you to interact with the site, we require you to provide us with information that personally identifies you (‘Personal Information’). We collect your Personal Information so that we can complete your donation or transactions:

  • in accordance with legislation requiring us to gather certain information about charitable donors; and to issue receipts, tickets and, if required, an Authority to Fundraise; and
  • your registration with the site for participation in related activities such as charitable fundraisers, competitions and promotions.

If you do not want your name to be publicly associated with your donation, please choose the "Anonymous" function when completing the donation form. Your name will always be passed on to the fundraiser you are supporting and to Camp Quality; unless you have made an anonymous donation, in which case, your name will only appear in their secure account area. Please also note that your donation amount and any comments will still be visible on the public site pages, however, your name will be shown as “Anonymous”.


Camp Quality will contact you throughout campaigns to update you and offer fundraising assistance, to acknowledge and thank you for your support and keep you updated on various activities related to the campaign.

Your information is not provided to any non-related third party without your prior consent, except in the limited and rare circumstances when we are compelled, by law, to provide information for the purposes of law enforcement. You can withdraw your consent to these communications at any time.

Our privacy policy contains information including but not limited to, how you may access personal information kept by us and seek correction of that information; as well as how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will respond to any such complaint. You can view our complete privacy policy here.

Accessing your personal information held by Camp Quality

If you have any queries about your personal information or our Privacy Policy please address them to our privacy officer at [email protected].

Updating your personal information

Please keep your information up to date by letting us know of any changes at [email protected]