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Camp Quality?

Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. Our services and programs are made specifically to help kids aged 0-13 who are dealing with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, like a brother, sister, mum or dad. 

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In Hospital

We provide face to face support in hospitals with Family Program Coordinators, Child Life Therapists and our puppets – Kylie, Dean and Melissa to support kids impacted by cancer. 

At Home

 Camp Quality supports families at home with Camp Quality’s Happiness Hub website and New Normal Navigator and Kids’ Guide to Cancer apps.

At School

Our Primary School Education Program travels throughout Australia dispeling myths and creating supportive communities for any child facing cancer. Our special puppet shows bring laughter and positivity to schools and can have a big impact on children’s confidence.

Away from it all

Camp Quality Camps across Australia build life skills and strengthen the wellbeing of kids facing cancer. They give families an opportunity to get away together and make new memories following treatment, and in the case of palliative care or bereavement.

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Love your work and your Oranges Program. Keep on doing great things!