Camp Quality Christmas Auction 2021

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One man's trash, is another person's treasure!

What is the CQ Auction? 

It’s a fun non-traditional unique auction, where each staff member brings a quirky gift and places it in the CQ Santa sack at reception before our lunch. 

After lunch, we will each take turns in picking out a wrapped gift from of the sack and choose to ‘keep’ or ‘auction’ off. 

Let the bidding begin and see who ends up with the funkiest, quirkiest and silliest item that they didn't know they couldn't live without!

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Tracey Peverell

Merry Christmas Campers. Really enjoyed our crazy shenanigans. Looking forward a fun and successful 2022


Tania Sweatman

Thanks to the Mushrooms for another great Christmas lunch.


Rachael Clifford


Sandie Hall


Natalie Gallagher

Thanks for another great auction!!


Emeline Lavaka





Happy Christmas everyone!


Sandie Hall


Sandie Hall


Ade Steward

Ginger Biscuits - Ade


Shanaye Flanagan

Merry Christmas!


Tim Hodge

Happy Christmas!!


Sandie Hall


Debra Moore

Winner winner cocktails for dinner


Arabella Mcginness


Sandie Hall


Micaela Phillips

Merry Christmas! I was outbid but wanted to contribute anyway! Big love to you all


Melinda Deering

Payment for selfie photo booth kit.


Cassandra Rhodes-smith


Mikaela Hadfield

Thanks team for a fab day! Very excited for my Wig Pets sunshade xx


Zoe Wright