What is Supper Club?

What is Supper Club?

Camp Quality's Supper Club is Australia’s largest and most enjoyable charity dining event of its kind, and it has become one of Camp Quality’s most successful and exclusive fundraisers. Through the generosity of restaurants, caterers, and venues donating tables, guests nationally have raised over $6 million within the past 10 years. 

When is the Supper Club taking place?

Supper Club is a national event with timings as follows:

  • WA June
  • VIC/TAS/NSW/ACT July/August
  • QLD/SA August/September

Where is Supper Club taking place?

Camp Quality's Supper Club is taking place in high calibre restaurants across the country. To find out which restaurants are getting involved, click on your state page and read through the list. 

What is the dress code to attend Supper Club?

Cocktail with a brush of colour.

We encourage you and your guests to embrace the colourful dress code, as we blend together to paint a perfect picture for the evening. 

Who can buy a table? 

This event is perfect for foodies after gourmet delights or professionals wanting to smooze clients or colleagues. We encourage you to use this opportunity for networking with clients, staff rewards, or just a great night out with friends. 

How does Supper Club make a difference?

Through your generosity to buy a table for Camp Quality's Supper Club - we aim to raise $250,000 nationally, in return offering support to over 8,900 kids we have registered at Camp Quality. 

I want to get my workplace involved. How can I do this?

Your workplace can buy a table; just send them the link to your state page so they can see see what is available. They can then purchase a table at a restaurant of their choosing.

What does 'buying a table' come with?

Purchasing a table involves a bespoke dining event, including mouth-watering meals matched to fine wines, which will whisk your dining group off on a culinary experience they won't forget. 

Hosting a table?

How do I purchase a table?

To find what restaurants are getting involved, click on your state page and read through the list. From there, you can book your table online. 

How many people per table? 

Depending on the restaurant of your choosing, there are tables available in sizes of 8 and 10 people.

What information do I need to supply the restaurant with for my table? 

You will need to provide us with:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Dietary requirements

Do this for all of your guests, and we will pass these details onto the restaurant.  

Are there any additional charges?

No. All additional costs outside of your Supper Club package will be disclosed prior to service and at the time of orders made to the restaurant; for example ordering additional menu items outside of the package service. 

On the night?

How do I find my table at the restaurant?

The maître d' at the venue, will take you to your exclusive table for the evening. 

Who do I contact if there is an issue with my booking?

If there is an issue with your booking, please email supperclub@campquality.org.au.

However, if it is an emergency, please call (02) 9876 0559

I forgot the name my table booking is made under - what do I do?

No worries! Just email supperclub@campquality.org.au to get your booking name. 

How do I order extra food or wine?

Each restaurant is different, however all outside costs from the Supper Club package will be additional, which the service team will disclose prior to you ordering extra food or beverages.  

What is the dining-time limit on our table?

Each restaurant is different; please make sure you read the restaurants T&Cs for more information, including dining-time limits. 

Payment, refunds & cancellations?

Do I receive a tax-deductable receipt for buying a table?

No. Unfortunately by purchasing a Supper Club table you will be receiving a material benefit in return through the food and beverage package.

Can I split the table costs per guest on my table?

Yes of course. Get in touch with supperclub@campquality.org.au if you would like more information. 

What if I can no longer make it on the night?

You will need to contact supperclub@campquality.org.au as soon as possible. Please read the T&Cs for more information on this. 

Can I cancel my table booking?

You will need to contact supperclub@campquality.org.au as soon as possible to discuss your request. Please read the T&Cs for more information on this. 

After your Supper Club?

Will there be pictures available?

Yes. We will make sure we send you pictures of your Supper Club event. If you have pictures that you would like to share with Camp Quality, please email supperclub@campquality.org.au.