How Do I Fundraise?

The Camp Quality Fundraising team is here to support you through all your fundraising efforts. We can provide you with loads of information on how to maximise your online fundraising, as this is such an easy way to smash your target. We also have plenty of hints, tips and ideas within our Fundraising Toolkit.


We also have a Sponsor Booklet that gives you options for different types of sponsorships that you can get from your contacts. This booklet is great for giving to businesses when you approach them for support. Any sponsorship dollars you receive go towards your overall fundraising goal. We have had riders raise their full $1,500 in one single sponsorship! We've also seen riders raise over $10,000 through sponsorships alone!

If you need any other help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at

Can I Partner Up With Others To Fundraise?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can partner up with others doing the ride and fundraise together. Please note though, there is still a minimum to fundraise of $1,500 per Rider and $500 per Pillion. And remember, these are just minimums, we absolutely encourage you to continue fundraising to a greater amount to help support Camp Quality. More money raised equals more fun for kids and families impacted by cancer.


To help you with your fundraising, we've gathered our best tips and tricks for success.

We have lots of ideas to help you reach your fundraising goals, from setting up a fundraiser to helping you put together a sponsorship proposal.

We welcome all crazy and wacky ideas, as long as they meet our Community Fundraising Guidelines.

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Download Fundraising Resources

Read Community Fundraising Guidelines

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Contact Deb Moore at the Camp Quality Motocyc team.

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