Event Guide

Do I need to book my own accommodation?

Accommodation details for Cooma will be released to all participants by 24 February, 2023. Camp Quality will source and book quality accommodation for the event so we can all stay together. The cost of accommodation for the event is covered by the $300 registration fee.

Accommodation bookings are based on twin share with fellow participants of the same sex unless in a couple.

You can elect to pay an additional fee for a single room supplement (subject to availability). Please chat with our friendly team at the time of your registration.

What about my luggage?

Our wonderful Support Crew will be driving a car and towing a van, where all luggage will be stored and transported to your accommodation. Please note, there is minimal space so please only pack the necessities.

What sort of breaks do we have?

We will generally have a rest/fuel stop roughly every two hours. If you are an Adventure rider, please be prepared with some snacks and water as breaks may be by the side of the road in remote locations.

What about fuel stops?

For the Road route, plan to fill up at each break or when needed at the predetermined fuel stops.

For the Adventure route, plan to carry some fuel in a bladder or similar if your bike cannot travel for more than 300km without a refill. There will be some sections that may require you to travel this distance without refuelling.

Remember, you will not get the fuel consumption you would typically get on the road when travelling on dirt or gravel.

How do I know where to go?

There is a predetermined route for each day for both Road and Adventure rides. Each morning there will be a compulsory rider briefing to explain the events, distances and timing of each day.

We also have experienced riders leading the groups and riding as 'sweep' riders. We don’t leave anyone behind!

In previous years we have used the corner man system and will do so again in 2023.

On the Adventure ride we intend to create GPX files that can be downloaded and used in HEMA maps. If this is the case, you simply follow the line on the HEMA maps. There will be more information on this as we get closer to the event.

Do we get to see any Camp Quality Programs while on Motocyc?

As part of Motocyc, we attempt to visit schools along the way to watch firsthand the Camp Quality Cancer Education Program. Featuring the Camp Quality Puppets, this important program stops bullying and helps children assimilate back into school following cancer treatment. It also dispels myths associated with cancer (such as you can't catch cancer) and helps educate children impacted by a sibling’s or parent’s cancer.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this may change and not be possible.

Need more information?

You'll receive an email each month once you sign up which will provide additional information on the route, accommodation and other event details. In the meantime, head back to our Useful Information page to find out more. 

Get in touch

Contact Deb Moore at the Camp Quality Motocyc team.

1300 662 267