Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel Gibbeson, our Motoring Events Manager. Rach looks after our FUNx4 crew from their initial enquiry until after the event takes place.

How long have you worked at Camp Quality, and which events do you look after? 

I joined Camp Quality in 2019 and delivered the esCarpade and FUNx4 events.

What is your favourite part of FUNx4?

FUNx4 is the best experience! It is life-changing!
I don’t think I have one favourite part of FUNx4… the people, the laughter, the tracks, the challenges and the lifelong friends you make on this trip, all while doing it for a fantastic cause; make this event one to remember and take part in.

What are you excited about for the 2025 event?

Cape York is a bucket list location and has been the most requested location by our event participants to visit! I can't wait to take FUNx4 to this iconic location.

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Meet Ben

How long have you worked with Camp Quality, and which events are you involved in?

I've been involved with Camp Quality since 2004. Since then, I have mapped out 18 x esCarpades, 3 x wesCarpades and 5 x FUNx4 events, visited over 250 regional towns, driven around 207,000km with over 100,000km of that on dirt, crossed deserts, scrambled up Billy Goat Bluff and eaten close to 380 pub meals.

What's your favourite part of FUNx4?

That's easy - the people and the country. I like watching experienced drivers make it look easy. I like seeing the sense of achievement light up an inexperienced driver's face when they conquer a challenge they previously considered impossible. I love the vastness of our country and how amazing it is. I love sitting around the campfire at night and hearing a simple river-crossing story spun into a life-changing experience. And, of course, being a Camp Quality event – I love the laughter!!

What are you excited about for the 2025 event?

Cape York is one of the most iconic locations in Australia! The FUNx4 crew has been discussing going to the Cape since our desert trip in July 2023. I am most excited to get on the tracks up there in July 2025 as we have been discussing this trip for years and the entrants are all super excited! What could be better than an iconic location with a great group of even better people.

Our Community

The very first FUNx4 took place in 2018, had 10 cars and raised $50,000.

Fast forward to today, and our FUNx4 crew have shared countless laughs and raised over $550,000 for Camp Quality and its work helping children whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

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Contact Rachel at the Camp Quality FUNx4 team

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