You can join with any type of four-wheel drive as long has it has 4WD low range with agressive AT or MT tyres as a minimum.        


The Funx4 team will take a look under the hood to make sure everything checks out before we head off on our epic adventure.


To take part in FUNx4, your car will need to pass the Event Pack List check!

Your car doesn't need to be ready when you register. You'll have the opportunity to have your car checked by our mechanics and friendly officials on Day 0 of the event.          

What happens if my car breaks down?

In the instance of a breakdown, we travel with a fleet of mechanical workshops (MWs) who will be there to assist you. It may be that your vehicle can’t be fixed and, in this case, the MW will transport you to the nearest town.

Do I need to be an experienced four-wheel driver?

Some experience of four-wheel driving would be helpful to get through some of the tracks, however it is not complusory. 

Get in touch

Contact Rachel at the Camp Quality FUNx4 team

1300 662 267   [email protected]