What you need to know

This cycling tour is not for beginners but for people who have a reasonable level of fitness and cycle regularly. You will need a hybrid bike or a mountain bike with 32mm or above tyres. 

400KMS for Kids is an offroad/gravel cycling event!

For this event, we do not allow e-bikes to be used. Your bike must be 100% human-powered!


This challenge requires a HIGH level of fitness. You will be riding longer distances (up to 90km per day) over multiple consecutive days, on different terrain, in potentially different weather conditions and we expect riders to maintain an average speed of 15-18kph across the event. You will cover 380km distance and climb 3,227m within five days during the event.

Consequently, recovery times between riding days are limited and you need to consider this before entering the challenge. This not just includes your ability to tolerate leg-muscle fatigue across multiple days, but also mental fatigue, upper-body and neck fatigue, and your backside should be accustomed to being in the saddle for five days in a row (think chafing).

To be fit enough to enjoy and complete the event safely, Camp Quality strongly recommends that you adequately train for it. This will enable you to achieve the required fitness level and prepare your body and mind to be ready for the challenge. Do not leave training to the last minute. If you are not already riding your bike for long distances regularly, it requires weeks of regular training to achieve the desired fitness level necessary for successfully completing the event.


The bicycle you are using must fully comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1927:1998 Pedal bicycles – Safety requirements. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • A braking system with not less than two brakes, one acting at the front wheel and one acting at the rear wheel
  • One red rear reflector, one white front reflector, and one yellow side reflector for each wheel
  • One efficient bell or some other suitable audible warning device

Therefore, the bicycle you are using for the event should ideally be a mountain bike (hard tail) or hybrid bike with efficient, resilient tyres appropriate for riding on gravel, soil and even sand. You'll also need a gear system offering a reasonable number of gears (10+). We strongly advise against riding a road bike with tyres less than 32mm.

If you are unsure if your bicycle meets the required criteria, please contact the 400KMS for Kids Events Team.

Camp Quality is strongly recommending a basic, general service for the bicycle you are using for the event no earlier than 2-3 weeks prior to the start.

Your bike helmet must be a AS/NZS 2063:2008 approved bicycle helmet.

Get in touch

Contact Deb Moore at the Camp Quality 400KMs team

1300 662 267

 [email protected]