Wescarpade 2022

We’re taking part in wesCarpade 2022!

Every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer.
We're taking part in Camp Quality wesCarpade 2022 to helps make a difference to those kids and families. 

Camp Quality is committed to reshaping the mindset of a generation and to creating a more resilient, informed and compassionate young-adult population through our in hospital, at home, in school and recreation programs.  

It would be awesome if you could help too, by donating to help us reach our target.

As they say at Camp Quality “laughter is the best medicine”, so please give generously so we can spread those smiles far and wide.


Thank you to our Sponsors


Bunbury Golf Day


Civil & Structural Engineers


Wren Oil


Diesel Force

Love your energy and generosity. Good luck in the run.


Northaul Wa Pty Ltd


Brian Fisher


Geographe Civil

Best of Luck Gaz & Deb - hope there are lots of smiles and laughs!


Apg Plus Apg Plus

Happy to support fellow charity fund raiser rally participants & you guys are amazing, having completed this year after year 👏


Barbara Joan Horner

Love your work and your commitment! x


Margaret Mawson


Macas Boilermaking

Good luck


Ms Mustang

Fabulous to see Pirates are back on deck! (See how I did that? 🤣) Great cause, have lotsa fun. xx


Anita Donaldson

Go you pair of Pirates! Love your work xx