Please help create happy memories for kids like Lilly.

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sponsors a Camp Quality Puppet Digital Playdate for a child isolated in hospital or at home
sponsors a Camp In A Box for a child isolated by cancer at home
sponsors the Camp Quality Puppets to visit a child in hospital
funds the Primary School Cancer Education Program to visit a whole school or preschool

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We need your support to develop more digital services for kids like Lilly.

Lilly spent 10 long, lonely months in hospital as she fought for her life. She was hooked up to drips and tubes but still clutching her beloved iPad - her only escape from the horrible world of cancer treatment.


With COVID restrictions ongoing, so many kids like Lilly's are relying on digital services.

Here's what your generosity will help give our kids


New Normal Navigator App

This app helps mums, dads and other carers of a child diagnosed with cancer navigate the return home from the hospital.



Kids' Guide To Cancer App

Built for kids and adults alike, our app is packed with info about cancer, hospitals, medicines, & more.



Happiness Hub

The Happiness Hub was created to stay connected to our kids and families during COVID-19 lockdown and to continue sharing Camp Quality positivity with all Australians. 



Puppet Digital Playdates

Kids can connect live with one of our much-loved puppets via a 10-minute online ‘playdate’ using their personal device such as a smartphone or tablet.


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and give kids like Lilly the chance to smile again.

About Camp Quality

Camp Quality’s services and programs are created specifically to support children up to 15 years, who are dealing with their own cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, such as a brother, sister, mum or dad.

By supporting kids and families through the cancer experience and creating positive memories, Camp Quality helps change the cancer story, in hospital, at home, at school and away from it all at one of our camps or retreats.

Camp Quality does not receive any regular government funding. Instead, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to ensure we can continue to help the children and families, like Ned, and Scarlett who need us most. Click on the video to hear their story. 

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