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Bib & Tucker


Bib & Tucker | A beachside menu

18 Leighton Beach Blvd, North Fremantle WA 6159

7pm | Thursday, October 21

Up to 10 guests | $250 per head

Five-course menu paired with premium wines

Australian Olympians Eamon Sullivan, Steve Hooker and Jamie Dwyer share a love of sport and delicious, seasonally inspired food. So it’s no wonder the trio joined forces to open what has become one of Perth’s most popular beachside restaurants. Nestled in North Fremantle’s pristine sand dunes, Bib & Tucker offers ‘a touch of elegant rascality’. While the views of the Indian Ocean are breathtaking it’s the food that takes centre stage. The menu is a fusion of modern and primitive cooking techniques including smoking, pickling and wood firing. Under the guidance of Executive Chef and partner, Scott Bridger, these classical and modern cooking styles produce timeless dishes presented in an eclectic style.  Your Supper Club evening at Bib & Tucker will commence with exclusive sundowner drinks with Eamon and Jamie where they will share their insights into what it means to be an olympian. Then it’s time for the tucker – a bespoke signature Bib &Tucker beachside menu paired with premium wines.

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