Star Wars 05

Wescarpade 2022

Wescarpade 2022

Wescarpade 2021 was a huge success, we raised so much money in the lead up to the event then had a blast on the event. Seeing so many things, visiting schools and sharing joy along the way.

Having such a good time on the event has really motivated me this year to go bigger and raise even more money to help Camp Quality and the incredible work they do.

We're off to a good strong start already and we aren't stopping yet!

Thank you for your support, I can't wait to see how much we can raise this year. 

May the 4th be with you!

From Star Wars 05 to you, happy Star Wars day. Check out this photo of Gavin & Nicole next to Star Wars 05 on Star Wars day. 

We have managed to raise so much money already and we are so close to our goal. We plan to raise even more too!

Thank you to everyone for showing us support, we really appreciate it. 

Thank you to my supporters!


Neve Eastman


Bunbury Golf Day


Gavin Billington