Casey Station 24 Hour Fitness Challenge

By Scott Clifford Join Me

Casey Station fundraising for Camp Quality

After the highly successful Casey's biggest looser challenge, the Casey crew have put together a winter fitness fundraising event.

We are fundraising to help Camp Quality support children with cancer. Because every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer.

Camp Quality is committed to reshaping the mindset of a generation and to creating a more resilient, informed and compassionate young-adult population through in hospital, at home, in school and recreation programs.

Expeditioners will be required to complete a fitness relay for 24 hours on a piece of cardio gym equipment of their choosing with Casey's own biggest loser, Scotty "2 Dogs" Clifford" Clifford completing the final 4.5 hours as his first 42.2km marathon run.

It would be awesome if you could help too, by donating to help us reach our target.

As they say at Camp Quality “laughter is the best medicine”, so please give generously so we can spread those smiles far and wide.


Event Information

Friday 05th October 17:00 - 17:00

Thank you to my Supporters


Shane Mann



$1 for every minute taken to complete my marathon


Shane Mann Sux


Catherine Oermann

Amazing job Scotty!!


Rebecca Jeffcoat

Donating and running at 2am!?! What the??!! Go Team Casey!


Grant Jasiunas

Well done Scotty and the rest of the Casey team.



Great work Scotty!


Karl Stafford

Good on ya Baaaarn.


Wendy & Kids

Good luck Scott you’ve got this you’ve got “Moore” determination!


George Brettingham-moore

Good job.


Amy Hobbs


Zachary Lockhard

Awesome work mate.


Pat Burchett


Will Tankard


Misty Mccain




Onya Two Two.



Well done, you legend!!


Chloe Wessling


Rae Jeffcoat

In memory of Samuel Symons who passed away yesterday.


Cody Clifford


Darren Koppel

Smashing it!


Maree Moore

U can do it from Mum and Micheal


David Gurney




Jason Cagnola

You're my hero. My inspiration. My everything


Ted Moore



Fantastic weight loss Scotty. Goodluck for your marathon.


Susie B

Go Bec!


Sam Hill





Jordan Smith

Go Scotty!!!


Hollie Moore