Matthew Gatley


I’m fundraising to help Camp Quality

I’m fundraising to help Camp Quality support children facing cancer. Because every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer.

In 1995 my family was one of those when I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through the process of beating cancer, Camp Quality was there to support my family and I with events, children camps and just a general break from the monotony of hospitals, doctors and chemotherapy.

In 2017, myself and seven other Camp Quality volunteers summited Mt Kilimanjaro to raise over $30,000 to help support the Camp Quality mission. We're now ramping up our goals in 2020 and tackling the GR20, the hardest trek in Europe. A 180km, 12 day hike through the jagged spine of Corsica off the coast of France.  

It won't be easy but all funds raised go directly to Camp Quality with all expenses self funded. Our goal this time is $200,000 so help make it happen!

Thank you for any amount you can give. Every dollar helps.

Event Information

Tuesday 01st September
Corsica, France