Locks for Laughs (ACT)

By Mel Bedford

Tasting sweet success... mmm...

Thanks to the help of my clever cookie helpers - our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough drive was a sweet success; raising $1,200 toward our goal for Camp Quality!

Throughout March my little helpers; many of whom are campers themselves, sold a whopping 352 tubs of frozen cookie dough to friends, family, co-workers, aquaintances.. anyone and everyone it seems!

A huge THANK YOU to my helpers, our customers, and all those that supported this campaign, and all my fundraising efforts thus far - I truly could not be doing this without you all.


I'm clipping off my locks... but how much??

A long blonde ponytail over my shoulder has pretty much been a consistent part of me for many many years, so parting with it will be incredibly difficult - BUT- for the kids and families of Camp Quality it's the least I can do to support them... for the right price of course!

So, how much will I clip off..? Well that's up to you out there - the more we raise together the more I'll clip off!

$10,000 for the first 10inches, 

$4,000 per inch after that, which means

$50,000 and I'll shave it all off!!

Sounds like a lot doesn't it? But with your support and generosity we can do this - lets make 2019 the year we raised $50,000 for the best cause I know - CAMP QUALITY 

I'm clipping off my locks to support kids living with cancer!

I’m fundraising to help Camp Quality support children with cancer - Because every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer.

Camp Quality builds optimism and resilience for kids impacted by cancer and their families, and live by the motto: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Camp Quality is there for children and their families from the first experience of cancer through every stage, from treatment to remission and in the case of bereavement.  They are there in hospital, at home, at school and away from it all. Camp Quality’s belief in the proven principles of positive psychology forms the foundations of everything they do – hence their motto: Laughter is the Best Medicine! Laughter and optimism are essential to help their kids and their families not only cope, but thrive.  
Camp Quality is a registered, not-for-profit, children’s cancer charity, however does not currently receive any substantial financial support from the Australian or State/Territory Governments yet their services are provided completely free of charge, right across the country, to whoever needs them.  Camp Quality relies heavily on the generosity of everyday Australians (like YOU!) to keep their essential programs and services running.

So please, donate generously and lets help Camp Quality spread those smiles far and wide!


Thank you to my Supporters


Mel Bedford



Woohoo! Great organisation, community and adventures galore. Go Mel!!


Kalani Ebbs

Kalani loved you so much Mel you are such a beautiful soul and CQ is so lucky to have you. Our family is so grateful to Mel for our unforgettable snow trip memories, all the volunteers and especially Camp Quality for all your support during Kalani's treatment and her recent passing. Great awareness for an amazing charity, goodluck Mel you got this!


Sue Warren

Well done Mel 👍


Better Nic

I hate Nick Wall. And Hayden.


Sue Bedford

Go Girl


Good Nick

Keep up the awesome work!



Good luck



You’re doing amazing things Mel! Keep it up!



Great work Mel!


Mum Mummy

Happy Birthday to Mel and Camp Quality


Raychel Davis



Liam Brown

Well done Mel, great cause :)



Very good to family members.


Michael Cataldo

See you at 50k



Good on you Mel, keep up the awesome work!


Edward Orszulak

You are amazing Mel. All the best


Irene Murray

Hope you reach your goal, it would be funny to see you at camp with no locks...lol




Melissa Roberts


James Vincent


Cathy Keed



I'll support this!! Plus I donated more than your bff hahaha Good luck :)


Quade And Adelle Sharman


Errin Isedale

You are AWESOME!!!


Katarina Jadric

Good luck Mel! You’re amazing! Josh and Katarina x


Lewis Farrell


Em Mcfarlane

Great work Mel. I’m sure you’ll rock a buzz cut ~your bff


Brendan Moss