Kim McIntyre

Dine at Mine

I’m hosting a Dine at Mine...

to help Camp Quality support children impacted by cancer. Because every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer.

As everyone that knows me, this happened to my baby girl Miss Molly Possum, she was my first baby and she was just 11 weeks of age when she was diagnosed with Retinablastoma in both eyes! Her right eye had to be removed and now she has a beautiful prosthetic eye. Everything was going great....until I got a call from her oncologist after a routine MRI, I received the devastating news that Molly had a 3rd tumor that you can get if you have had Retinablastoma, it was in her brain, thankfully she was treated successfully and has survived, at one stage she was in intensive care for 12 days and we almost lost her. Now she is 11 and doing well.

Camp Quality have always been here for us with amazing support in many different ways, from diagnoses and still now. One of the things I love the most about Camp Quality is that they include siblings aswell, this means that Mollys brother Brodie gets to go on camps and all the other fun things that Molly gets to do.

Camp Quality is committed to reshaping the mindset of a generation and to creating a more resilient, informed and compassionate young-adult population through our in hospital, at home, in school and recreation programs.

It would be awesome if you could help too, by donating to help me reach my target.

As they say at Camp Quality “laughter is the best medicine”, so please give generously so we can spread those smiles far and wide.

Thank you to my supporters!


Kim & Aj Whitehead

Well done Kim. It was a fantastic night. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of it xx


Robyn, Andrew, Lochlan And Daniel

Thanks for inviting us Kim, we all had a great time.


Janine Maxwell


Kat Wilson

Thank you for having us!!! Xx