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I’m joining the convoy to help raise money for children and their family’s who are dealing with cancer, I myself have Seen first hand what cancer can do to a person and their family. It’s a sad scary time and all the support they can get helps with the da

Cancer for me is a horrible, scary, overwhelming word I hate hearing. I myself have delt with a family member with cancer on and off. It’s the unknown feeling of whether or not your loved one will make it though and beat it or if they continue living their life with this horrible condition. Children have their whole life ahead of them and shouldn’t  be spending the best time of their lives stuck in a hospital been poked and prodded, but for some family’s this is the sad reality of the world. Paying for life and keeping on top of bills,rent,food and other cost can be so overwhelming  when all you want to do is be with your child and help take their pain away and try bring out that beautiful bright smile on their face. Help me bring ease to the family’s and their children. Any donation makes a difference whether it’s $2.00 or $200 dollars someone out their will be thankful for you and the difference you have made to their world in this sad time. It will be a great day out filled with amazing tuff trucks and other fun activity’s for family’s and their children.

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Good work jazzy love your work


Jasmin Pettit


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Onya jazz from will and ashlee


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You are awesome Jaz!! Luv you!!


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Best of luck Jas!


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Good stuff see you there 🤘🏼


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Get it gurl