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Camp Quality Trek Sydney 2022

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For Savvy

The past year has been the most challenging ever for two special people in my life. Savannah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in September of 2021. She has since undergone months of Chemotherapy in John Hunter Hospital away from home and lots of the people she loves. Siobhan (Savannah's mother) is the strongest young woman I know and her attitude is an inspiration to me everyday. Sav, now 4 years old, has and continues to overcome every obstacle she faces. 

On May 21st this year, Siobhan and I are treking 50kms in 24 hours with our team, to raise money for children aged 0-15 years old who are dealing with their own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a brother, sister or parent. Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again.

Camp Quality helps positively change a child’s cancer experience with entertaining, play-based education and recreational camps and retreats that strengthen the mental wellbeing and improve the quality of life of children and their family.

I would love your support as we start embark on this trek. The more money we raise the more families we can fund to go on a retreat to recharge and enjoy life away from hospital. Thank you!

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Love from Columba Cottage


Grandma ??

Beautiful Hannah, it’s people like you who make this world a batter place. I admire you so much for walking this tough road with Sib and Savannah and for believing for amazing things ahead for these precious girls.


Jo Pilgrim

So proud of you girls - hugs to you both


Nicole Taber


Emma Florida


Keira O’mara


Rachele M

Get it Han x


Lucia Labin

Sending love


Lily Chaffer

Can’t wait to have you back at preschool Savvy. ❤️ Lily.


Kayla Arthur



Great jobs girls. You’re inspirational


Cass Cato

Go you good thing!! One of the best hearts i know! xx