Big Ride for Little Kids 2021

We did it!

An absolute enormous shout-out and thank you to Mum, Dad, June, Iain, Molly and Jess for being the support crew on the day. Their efforts, patience, and INSANE efficiency were monumental to getting this done.

Thanks as well to all that followed and for the support. Seriously amazing stuff. Money raised for Camp Quality totalled $7,800 which is unreal.

Some stats for those interested.
Distance: 603.2 km
Elapsed time: 23:57:27
Stopped time: 1:16:14 (inc. traffic lights, toilet breaks, food stops, etc.)
Elevation gain: 2,303 m
Average speed: 25.2 km/h
Calories: 11,954 Cal
Temperature range: 7°C - 32°C
Punctures: 0
Broken spokes: 3

100.0 km - 3:48 hr
200.0 km - 7:38 hr
300.0 km - 11:42 hr
400.0 km - 15:31 hr
500.0 km - 19:55 hr
600.0 km - 23:49 hr
603.2 km - 23:57 hr

Love Chris and Dan

Support our Big Ride for Little Kids

We've joined the Big Ride for Little Kids to support kids facing cancer.

We are cycling from Warrnambool to Bairnsdale over 24 hours (in one go) to raise funds for Camp Quality services and programs to help children aged 0-14 years old who are dealing with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a brother, sister, mum or dad.

By creating positive memories, Camp Quality helps change the cancer story for kids and their families. Please support our ride to give kids and families the break from cancer they urgently need.

We’ve been training for months and the day is almost here! We’ll be attempting it during the second week of March. Wish us luck. We might need it.

Thank you so much.

Daniel and Chris

Thank you to our Sponsors


Darrin & Jo Mccann

Good on you guys!!! $1 per km Hope you have lots of padding Xx


Daniel Nolan


Christopher Wevling

We did it!


Derek Parkins

Fantastic effort. Well done boys and I admire you.


Dave And Clare

Spin those wheels boys! Great work


Lisa & Steve Nolan

It’s great to be able to donate to a great cause. Well done boys


Molly Bulman

What an effort! I'm so excited for both of you! The amount of my donation is a significant number in the Jewish tradition. The number 18 stands for "life". The Hebrew letters that spell the word "chai", meaning "living", add up to 18. 18 x 18 = 324. You guys are life squared when you're together. Congratulations on embarking on such an incredible challenge!


Marg Nolan

Great effort. Well done.


Mark And Di

Bloody amazing work Dan!


Johanna Mawson

Well done guys!! Can’t believe you rode all that way in a day. What an achievement and all for a great charity.


June And Iain Wevling

Amazing effort, great cause , good luck, Stay safe.


Eve Lavelle

Good on you Chris for doing this ride for this worthwhile cause. Well done!



Good areas boys!!!


Ramez & Tina

Amazing effort guys! Best of luck, not that you'll need it. Absolute specimens and top human beings.



Good luck and good on you !


The Metcalfes

Well done Good luck boys


Tania Arnott


Paul Murfitt

Well done guys!


Lachie Troup

An astronomical effort for a great cause! Go get it guys!!


Daniel Walsh

Huge effort for a great cause. Good luck


Jane And Regis Bulman


Travis Lin-wu

Go team Distopher


Rohan Essex

Have a great ride!


Sophie Downer

Congratulations Daniel and Chris. Fantastic effort.


Maree &. Roger

Great cause. Good luck 🚲🚲



I’m a friend of Molly’s and she shared this with me- Cool to see what you are doing, best of luck to you both!


Lyndsay & Nick Gunn

Good luck boys! You will smash it!


Massi Shirzada

Great work guys! Good luck out there!


Eliza Barnes


Sara Chan

Good luck guys!


Michael Satterley

Ya’ll are crazy as hell


Ashlea Hunter

Amazing work Chris! Good luck :)


Kim Handley

Distopher, good luck and best wishes ahead of your crazy endeavour! Ride safe! x


Thelma Napier

Good luck


Julie & Wez

Great effort guys


Paul Handley

That's an amazing aim - good luck!


Charlie Spiteri



Amazing effort guys! You should be super proud of yourselves!


Aahley Wevling



I will assist you, but only downhill.


Daniel M

Good luck, you behemoths!


Joy Boyd

Best of luck


Riley Hay


Sharon And Rodney Barnes

Outstanding effort, well done!


Annie Bourke-ibbs

Good luck you crazy cats


Daina Tadic

Go team!!




Matt & Sal

Hi Dan & Chris Wishing you all the best for a safe and successful ride


Jacob Racquel Isaac Darcy Baby


Nicola Wevling

Have a safe ride!!


Jack Gilbert


Steph Driscoll

Good luck guys and well done!! Kate & Steph


Kaitlin Ayer

Truly inspiring! Congratulations!



You two are bloody incredible. It was a pleasure being a part of it and I can't donate much but I thought I'd help you tick over to nice looking number


Maddy Bourke-ibbs

Amazing effort for a great cause!


Cassie Mahony

Good on you!!


Caitlin Arnott

Y'all wild


Captain Quokka

Do a wheelie for me <3




Jacqui Seiffert


Jan Hansford




Connor Murphy

Great work!


Patrick Farnan


Rachel Nolan

Great work!


Ben Nolan

Don't crash


Bridgette Gallagher