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I’m taking part in Motocyc 4 Kids 2022!

Motocyc 4 Kids is where motorbike enthusiasts come together to ride through regional NSW, raising funds for Camp Quality to help give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again.

Every day, two Aussie families are given the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer. I’m taking part in the Camp Quality Motocyc to help change the cancer story for kids and their families.

Camp Quality is committed to reshaping the mindset of a generation and to creating a more resilient, informed and compassionate young-adult population through our in hospital, at home, in school and recreation programs.  

It would be awesome if you could help too, by donating to help us reach our target.

All donations of $2 and over are 100% tax deductible and 100% of the donation goes directly to Camp Quality, so give what you can - every dollar counts!

As they say at Camp Quality “laughter is the best medicine”, so please give generously so we can spread those smiles far and wide.


Getting started!

Hey team!
Almost 10 years ago i did a 6,000km ride in the outback of NSW, QLD, and SA to raise money and awareness for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  After a three week run with many trials, falls and challenges i returned home, fortunate to both have not needed the RFDS and to have friends and family that contributed over $2,000 in donations.

Flash forward to 2022 and once again i think its time to get involved and help to raise some money, this time for Camp Quality as part of Camp Quality's Motorcyc 4 kids. I will be going on an adventure ride over three days in March 2022 to raise awareness, funds and potentially visit families impacted by Cancer (Covid allowing). This event is aiming to raise a huge $150,000 to help provide services and programs to kids dealing with a cancer diagnosis of their own or someone they love.

I ask you all to partner with me in this endeavour by making a donation (all proceeds go directly to Camp Quality) of any amount. Your donation, support or well wishes in this are beyond appreciated! 

Hopefully there wont be too many unplanned 'naps' whilst on the bike like last time...

Life gets in our way…which is kind of the point of this right?

Hi all,

I have been pretty slack over the past month in focusing on this - i could make excuses: our household got Covid, ive changed jobs, the kids arent sleeping and the rain wont stop! But the reality is these things happen and i just need to plan and deal with them.

It has made me reflect on the nature of ‘life getting in the way’ of our best laid plans, and nowhere is that more starkly evident than when someone we love is impacted by a cancer diagnosis.  Continuing on with the day to day in the face of this is extremely difficult and so it has illustrated to me how critical support  networks are through times like these. I know i felt like i needed some professional support in the last month!, and its challenges were nothing in comparison to those that go with supporting a child or loved one with cancer.
I am comforted with the thought of organisations like Camp Quality, the work they do and their very presence in our community. I hope to continue to be able to contribute in some way, and that you might donate a little or a lot in recognition of the value and humanity this organisation brings  to both individuals and our community as a whole. 

Riding skills update - Nil,  this run is going to be a sore one  ? 

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