Kung Fu Panda is returning and we’re taking part in esCarpade 2020!

Hi all you amazing people who have made their way to my page!

All donations put through this page are directly donated to Camp Quality (helping sick kids), I volunteer my time and own funds 100% for this.

Kung Fu Panda is back from a year or 2 of hibernation, with a new mission to raise as we can for kids and their families effected by Cancer. This will be my 4th year in total that I have participated in this amazing event!

As many may already know the reason I participate in fundraising for Camp Quality is close to my heart as I have personally benefitted from the amazing camps and programs that they run.

During my 2 separate wars with Cancer I was supported by Camp Quality and the fun therapy that they offer. I can confidently say that I would not have been able to cope or manage as well as I did without the services that Camp Quality provided for my family and I.

So please give what you can, share the link as much as you can, so that together we can make the lives of sick kids and their families as bright as they can be.


Cameron B

(Team Kung Fu Panda)

Thank you to my supporters!


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Go the panda!!!







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Bottles and cans thanks!


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Go panda boy. :)


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Ray Dennien


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Good luck mate



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Trivia 10/2/2020


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Best of Luck Kung Fu Panda team!


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