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Every Motocyc 4 Kids is one to be remembered.

One of the reasons it is such an amazing event is due to our Motocycers and the fabulous support crew. They are the amazing people that take on the challenge, whose incredible sense of community creates lifelong friendships.

Every day see Motocycers forge stronger bonds with their mates on the ride as well as making new friends with other riders and the local communities we visit.  The camaraderie grows with every kilometre as they ride long winding roads, together as a team, meeting local school kids and communities and above all-helping others.

As well as having an absolute blast, all our Motocycers are involved in some serious fundraising. Every donation helps give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again.

Sally Bartley

“What an amazing 3 days away, the camaraderie of all the riders grew each day with one another, everyone rode at their own pace and had a great time. For me, I loved getting time away from the office and having time to think and feel free, the fact I didn’t have to plan the ride was a great bonus, I just followed and enjoyed! I would encourage anyone who loves to ride to get involved, its open for all levels of riders. I loved starting at the front and watching the more experienced riders pass or jump in front, so I could follow their lines for a while on some pretty amazing Australian roads.”

Anthony Snow

I have participated in the last three Camp Quality Motcyc events and the experience was absolutely awesome, not only do you get to meet great people but you get to ride in a well organised rural road trip adventure.

I strongly encourage any motorcycle enthusiast to sign up and help Camp Quality raise the much needed funds to support kids and families going through what I consider the toughest time of their lives.”



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