Before you start

What is Dine at Mine?

Dine at Mine invites you to host an event and ask your guests to donate what they would’ve spent dining out to Camp Quality.

How do I host a Dine at Mine?

Dine at Mine is designed for you to make it what you want – whether it’s a BBQ after a local football game, dinner with the family, a brunch at work or lunch with friends, you can host a Dine at Mine that works for you and just ask your friends to come with a donation. Register here 

When do I host a Dine at Mine?

Dine at Mine runs all year round and you can host it whenever it suits you. If you haven’t set a date yet, you can still register here.

Who can participate?

Dine at Mine is open to anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to invite your family, friends or work colleagues to get together for a meal.

How does hosting a Dine at Mine make a difference? 

We simply couldn’t do what we do at Camp Quality without fundraisers like yourself. The money that you raise for Camp Quality will help provide innovative programs and services to develop life skills and strengthen the wellbeing of children aged 0–13 growing up with cancer, and their families.

How do I set up my online fundraising page?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll automatically be given access to your own fundraising page where you can update your profile page with details about your event and photos to share with your guests. You can kick start your fundraising by donating to your own page, as research shows those that do this raise one and a half times more! Make sure you share the link on your social media channels and ask for donations too.

I want to get my workplace involved, how can I do this?

Your workplace can get involved in Dine at Mine in a variety of ways: host a Dine at Mine at your workplace, Sponsorship, Provision of Prizes, Dollar Matching, Extend beyond the workplace or encourage your employees to host a Dine at Mine at home. To discuss how your workplace can get involved please contact our Corporate Partnerships team at partnerships@campquality.org.au

My child wants to do a Dine at Mine, are they too young?

No, with the permission of a parent and/or guardian you can help them register and set up their own fundraising page.

What support will I recieve from Camp Quality?

Our Dine at Mine team will be there to support you every step of the way with your fundraising. We will be there from the point of registration right through to the completion of your dining event! 

Once you sign up


Once I’ve registered, what’s next?

After you register you will receive a registration e-mail with login details for your online fundraising page. Within a few days, you'll be contacted by a member of the Dine at Mine team who will be here to help you every step of the way and provide you with support or guidance with your fundraiser. Once approved you will be issued with an Authority to Fundraise on behalf of Camp Quality.

Where can I get fundraising tips and ideas from? 

We have heaps of tips and tricks to help you host your event here. The Dine at Mine team will also be able to assist with any questions you may have.

What are ways I can spread the word?

You can spread the word by simply sending out invitations, putting up posters, writing emails, updating your Facebook page, sending an SMS message or giving your friends a phone call. For more ideas, email dineatmine@campquality.org.au or call the Dine at Mine team on (02) 9876 0559 

Are there any rules about fundraising I should know about? 

Yes, there are rules to ensure your fundraising event is compliant with local fundraising legislation in your State. Your Fundraising Coordinator will be there to guide you through this to ensure your event is compliant.

Can I make my own posters?

Yes of course you can. We would love for you to get creative and make your own posters. Please note though, any promotional material that has the Camp Quality name or Proudly Supporting logo will need to be sent to Camp Quality for approval before it is distributed.

Your online Fundriasing page

I'm having trouble using my online fundraising page.

If you need help please send an email to dineatmine@campquality.org.au with your page details and we’ll get in contact with you. Alternatively, you can call the Dine at Mine team on (02) 9876 0559

I created two fundraising pages by mistake, how do I delete one?

We can remove the duplicate account for you, send an email to dineatmine@campquality.org.au with your page details and we’ll get this fixed asap.

I have lost the login details for my online fundraising dashboard.

Please get in touch with your Fundraising Coordinator who contacted you when you registered, and they will be able to resend the details to you.

What is the link to my online fundraising page? 

You would have received this link in your initial registration confirmation email. If you can’t find it please just get in touch with us at dineatmine@campquality.org.au

I want to change my profile picture on my online fundraising page.

You can login into your dashboard and follow the steps to change your profile picture. If you have any trouble doing this please get in touch with your Fundraising Coordinator and they will be able to help you.


Do I need to remit the funds donated to my online fundraising page? 

You don’t need to worry about those as these donations come straight through to Camp Quality.

How do I get my guests to donate?

Direct them to your fundraising page by sending them the link. We recommend fundraising online as it’s so easy! If they do give you cash though, we will provide you with banking details as part of your registration and your reference number to take it to the bank and deposit it to Camp Quality’s bank account.

How can someone sponsor me by credit card?

This will direct them to make a donation to your page with their credit card, and your page will automatically update with their donation. They will recieve a receipt via email as well. 

After the event

How do I bank the funds after my fundraising event / initiative?

We will provide you with a remittance document which will give you the information on how to bank the funds from your event / initiative. For those funds that are raised via your online fundraising page, they come straight through to Camp Quality's bank account so you don't need to worry about them.