Fundraising Tips

All the ingredients you need to be a fantastic fundraiser!

 Spread the word

  • Tell everyone! The more people you tell the faster you'll reach your fundraising goal.
  • Family and friends should be the first on your list.
  • Then ask colleagues, customers and/or local businesses.
  • Need some help? Contact our Dine at Mine team by emailing to receive an email template to send to your contacts.

 Make it personal

  • People will donate because YOU are asking them to. Simple as that.  
  • Write why you're supporting Camp Quality on your online fundraising page.
  • Add an email signature to your personal email account to share your page with your friends, family and personal contacts. 
  • Upload a photo of yourself onto your online fundraising page.

 Ask your boss

  • Tell your employer and ask them to match your funds! 
  • Send a work email to your colleagues with your online fundraising page link.

 Get social

  • Go social on all your channels and share a link to your online fundraising page.
  • Update your Facebook page to let everyone know about your Dine at Mine. 
  • Ask your friends to share your online fundraising page on their Facebook.

  Boost Your Fundraising

  • Make a donation of your own to get the ball rolling and give your donors a good example to follow.
  • Ask your guests to pay a set fee for your dining event.
  • Play a game at your event which encompasses fundraising, like a regifting auction - Ask each guest to bring a gift that they may have found at home, an unwanted gift they’ve received in the past, or something they have bought from an op shop. The uglier, cheaper, tackier, the better! Then auction off each gift at your event! Remember the important phrase… someone else’s junk… is someone else's treasure. 

 How to Prepare

  • Pick a date, select a venue, choose a theme, cuisine that suits you
  • Spread the word and invite your guests
  • Start planning - work out what food, drink and decorations you might need to bring your vision to life.
  • Ask for help, many hands make light work, partner up with a friend or one of your guests
  • Ask for support - to help reduce the cost of your event.It's a great idea to appraoch local business to donate food dirnks, prizes etc.