Sydney Contender Charity Fight Night


Sydney Contender Charity Fight Night 

When: Friday 28th May and Saturday 29th May

Time: 7:00pm to 11:30pm 

What: Come and cheer on first time boxers who have gone through a rigorous 12 week training camp all while raising money for Camp Quality. 

Cost: Further information about the event and ticket sales can be found here.

Where: Hornsby RSL




Saturday 29/05/2021

1st Prize: Nathan Burke 

2nd Prize:Touta Hala

3rd Prize: Richardo Sanche

About the event 

Sydney Contender gives people with no prior boxing background the opoprtunity to experience the challenge of becoming a boxer and the thrill of a fight. 

It is open to anyone that has the determination to get through a rigorous 12 week training camp that culminates witha fully sanctioned 3 x 2 minute round amateur boxing bout against a fellow contender. 

What sets Sydney Contender apart is that participants will have the choice of a handful of authentic boxing gyms located across Sydney. Gyms that are currently training amateur and professional fighters, not just corporates. 

Participants are also fundraising to raise much needed funds for Camp Quality and donations can be made to the individuals or team. 

Fighter information 

How do I raise money? 

  • SHARE YOUR PAGE - your fundraising page is easy to use and can be shared via email and on social media to ask for donations
  • DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARS - ask your employer to dollar match any funds that you raise on your page
  • HOLD AN EVENT - host a morning tea at work and ask everyone to bring plate and a donation

So far you have raised $11,523 


Need help? 

Our Fundraising team are here to help! Send us email an email at  or call Mikaela on 02 9876 0515.  

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