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19th - 26th October 2019

Wangaratta - Mt Gambier - Echuca 

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esCarpade isn't a race or a rally - it's a party with a purpose on wheels!

Camp Quality’s esCarpade is Australia’s happiest and wackiest motoring adventure held to raise money for Aussie kids impacted by cancer. The 7-day event is fuelled by fun, challenges and rewarding experiences and attracts people of all ages, from all locations.


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esCarpade 2019 - The Nuts and Bolts


Wangaratta - Mt Gambier - Echuca


Saturday October 19th - Saturday October 26th


It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2WD, 4WD, AWD, a ute, station wagon or sedan – as long as it is at least 20yrs old, roadworthy and registered.


To raise much needed funds to help Aussie kids impacted by cancer.


Each team must raise a minimum of $5000. There is also a $565 registration fee applicable per person. 


esCarpade attracts people of all ages, from all locations, and the one thing they all have in common, is a big heart. Each car must have at least one driver & one navigator (max of 4 participants), and all members must be over 18!

Need more MOTORvation?

Are you revved up and ready to go or do you need more MOTORvation? 2018 raised a whopping $1,325,171! This helped support 8,000 registered kids impacted by cancer with programs and services in hospital, at home, at school and away from it all. Need more MOTORvation?

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