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Saturday July 4th

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Ask 10 friends for $10! Or ask a parent or relative to donate $5 for every hour of sleep you have the night before your Camp In. Check out our Camp In Survival Guide for lots of other ways you can fundraise! 

Camp In on Saturday 4th July

Make sure you have everything prepared for your Camp In.

You can 'camp in' your living room, backyard or anywhere at home.

Wherever you set up camp, Camp In is a great way to get your household together, have fun, and connect with friends whilst helping kids facing cancer. 

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“I'm sharing a teepee with my sister... and all her toys - she doesn't want any of them to miss out on camping"

– The Quinn family


"Dad's been practising to set up the tent, but it's really hard to put down. So I think we'll be using it for a while"

– The Hunter family


"My mum and dad helped me make a tent with the couch to read stories under"

- The Williams family

Join over 600 people 'camping in' on Saturday July 4th!

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