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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

1. These terms relate to the co-ordination of an event/activity with the aim of raising funds for the benefit of Camp Quality.
2. Fundraiser" means the individual, group or organisation holding the activity or event in conjunction with or for the benefit of, Camp Quality.
3. Once the Fundraiser agrees and acknowledges these terms through this online form, Camp Quality will then send an Authority to Fundraise, which confirms and authorises the activity/event. You are then able to start fundraising.
4. Fundraisers are not authorised to use Camp Quality as their beneficiary charity until they have received the Authority to Fundraise, as this safeguards everyone involved.
5. You may fundraise during the approved dates only, and only for the approved event or activity indicated in your Letter of Authority. If you wish to extend or change any aspect of your fundraising event or activity, you will need to seek additional approval from Camp Quality.
6. The activity/event is the responsibility of the Fundraiser and due to limited resources, Camp Quality are unable to assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods and services unless agreed to in writing with the Fundraiser.
7. If you are soliciting In Kind goods, asking for free or discounted good and/or services for your authorised fundraising event these items should be used for the event/activity intended. If items are not utilised for the event/activity, the item should be donated to Camp Quality.
8. Camp Quality does not allow individual community fundraisers authorised on behalf of Camp Quality, to raise funds through telemarketing or door-to-door solicitation. Both forms of fundraising have strict legislative requirements and are managed nationally by Camp Quality.
9. If the Fundraiser wishes to use the Camp Quality logo and or name on any printed materials such as, but not limited to, flyers, posters, invites, then an example of the material should be sent to Camp Quality for approval before use.
10. At Camp Quality, we respect the privacy of our children and families. We will look at any requests to involve children and/or their families on an individual basis.
11. It is essential that Fundraisers contact Camp Quality to gain approval before they contact or approach any public personality or celebrity so that we can maximise the opportunity via the Camp Quality network.
12. If the Fundraiser would like a representative of Camp Quality to attend the activity/event, they should notify Camp Quality as early as possible to enable a representative to be available. Please note; not all requests will be able to be met as staff availability is limited.
13. Camp Quality is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission and operates under numerous State charity licences. When fundraising for our benefit you must comply with all laws and regulations relating to charitable fundraising as well as any conditions of the Camp Quality licences to undertake fundraising that apply to you or your activity. Please contact your local Camp Quality office for more details.
14. All monies collected must be counted/verified and witnessed by a minimum of two people and accurately recorded (by the Fundraiser) as outlined by charitable fundraising laws and regulations in your state. This documentation of income and expenses (associated with the fundraising event) must then be presented to Camp Quality.
15. Funds must be remitted to Camp Quality within 4 weeks of your fundraising event. Once funds raised have been remitted, Camp Quality will issue a receipt in the name of the activity/event.
16. The Fundraiser must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the expenses do not exceed 40% of gross proceeds or a lower percentage as required by law and they must keep records of income and expenditure
17. Your event/activity is not covered by Camp Quality’s public liability insurance. You must make sure that your own insurance policy covers any risk associated with your fundraising activity or event.
18. Camp Quality is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. If children are present during the activity/event, the Fundraiser must ensure the safety of child/ren by adequately supervising them and ensuring that there are always two adults present (unless the child’s parent/guardian is present). If the Fundraiser is concerned about the safety and welfare of a child, they should contact 1800 CQ SAFE (1800 277 233).
19. Individual receipts for tax deductions for attendee/supporters of the activity/event will only be issued by Camp Quality if a general donation of $2.00 or more is made. When the attendee/supporter has given money in return for goods or services, a tax-deductible receipt cannot be issued. Camp Quality cannot issue any receipts until the funds are deposited into the Camp Quality account.
20. Camp Quality reserves its right to withdraw its approval for the activity/event at any time if it appears that the Fundraiser is failing to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions.
21. At all times, before, during or after your fundraising event/activity you must conduct yourself with decency, dignity and good taste and in a manner, that does not harm or diminish Camp Quality’s good name in the community. Fundraisers must be aware that when they represent Camp Quality the following behaviour is NOT acceptable:
• behaviour that threatens or endangers others;
• use of illicit drugs, any type of ‘substance abuse’ or intoxication; and/or
• use of inappropriate language.

State Fundraising Requirements

It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits or licenses for your fundraising activity, and to
review fundraising regulations with your state authority – particularly if you are a registered business
and/or organising a raffle or auction.

State Authority

NSW The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
www.olgr.nsw.gov.au and

VIC Dept. of Justice (Consumer Affairs Vic. & Vic. Commission for Gambling

www.consumer.vic.gov.au and https://www.vcglr.vic.gov.au/gambling/raffle/licenseeresources/

QLD Qld Office of Gaming Regulation

www.olgr.qld.gov.au and https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/hospitality-tourism-sport/liquorgaming/

WA Dept. of Racing, Gambling & Liquor

www.accc.gov.au and https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/charitable-raffles

TAS Liquor and Gaming branch representing the Tasmanian Gaming Commission


NT Licensing and Regulation Division, NT Dept. of Justice

SA Office of Liquor and Gambling Commissioner

community-organisations/types/charities and

ACT ACT Gaming & Racing Commission
collectionslicensing and

Personal Data Collection Statement

At Camp Quality we are committed to protecting your privacy online. We protect any personal information you give us while you use our websites.

Personal Information Collection Notice

By registering and completing the required fields you are providing information to Camp Quality Ltd (‘Personal Information’).

What Types of Information Do We Collect?


Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website to your computer or mobile phone. They are stored on the hard drive of your device. Some are stored just for the duration of your visit to the website, others are stored for much longer periods. We use cookies to make our website better for you. By using Camp Quality’s websites, you consent to our use of cookies.

Cookies include:
- information about your interaction with the site, for example, when you view or search content; and
- IP addresses, browser type, language, operating system, mobile device information (including device identifiers), the referring web page, pages visited, and location.

Information of this type (‘Cookies’) is anonymous and does not personally identify you but is helpful for us to improve the business performance and user experience of the site.

Personal Information

Personal information is information that can be used to identify you. It can include your name, date of birth, email address, postal address and telephone number. In order for you to interact with the site, we require you to provide us with information that personally identifies you (‘Personal Information’). We collect your Personal Information so that we can complete your donation or transactions:
• in accordance with legislation requiring us to gather certain information about charitable donors; and to issue receipts, tickets and, if required, an Authority to Fundraise; and
• your registration with the site for participation in related activities such as charitable fundraisers, competitions and promotions.

If you do not want your name to be publicly associated with your donation, please choose the "Anonymous" function when completing the donation form. Your name will always be passed on to the fundraiser you are supporting and to Camp Quality; unless you have made an anonymous donation, in which case, your name will only appear in their secure account area. Please also note that your donation amount and any comments will still be visible on the public site pages, however, your name will be shown as “Anonymous”.


Camp Quality will contact you throughout campaigns to update you and offer fundraising assistance, to acknowledge and thank you for your support and keep you updated on various activities related to the campaign. Your information is not provided to any non-related third party without your prior consent, except in the limited and rare circumstances when we are compelled, by law, to provide information for the purposes of law enforcement. You can withdraw your consent to these communications at any time.

Our privacy policy contains information including but not limited to, how you may access personal information kept by us and seek correction of that information; as well as how to complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will respond to any such complaint. You can view our complete privacy policy here.

Accessing your personal information held by Camp Quality

If you have any queries about your personal information or our Privacy Policy please address them to our privacy officer at privacy@campquality.org.au.

Updating your personal information

Please keep your information up to date by letting us know of any changes at reception@campquality.org.au