Tips to help your


It might feel tricky asking for donations during times like these. Here are our top tips!

Sponsor Yourself

Show you're committed! Nothing shows commitment to the cause and challenge like donating to yourself. It's also a great way to lead by example - plus, people who donate to themselves raise twice as much as people who don't.

Make it personal

People will donate because YOU are asking them to. Simple as that. Why not:

  • Write why you're supporting Camp Quality on your online fundraising page. 
  • Add an email signature to your personal email account to share your page with your friends, family and personal contacts. 
  • Upload a photo of yourself onto your online fundraising page.

Spread the Word

Log in to your fundraising account, go to 'My Fundraising', then 'Get Support'.

Select one of our email templates and send to your own email address where you can personalise, before forwarding to your contacts.

Remember - if you don’t ask, people won't know.

Get social 

Share a link to your online fundraising page on all your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn). You can also ask your friends to share your online fundraising page on their Facebook. Did you know people who use social media raise on average twice as much as other fundraisers!


Nominate 10 for 10

Nominate 10 of your friends to donate $10. That's $100! 

Donate your coffee!

Ask your friends or family to give up coffee for a week and donate what they would have spent on coffee to your fundraising page.

Follow up

Even if you've asked before, people get busy and simply forget. You're doing something great for yourself, and for others, so don't hesitate to follow up people, and remind them to make a donation. 

An easy way to remind people is by posting updates throughout the month. Let friends and family know that their donation will not only motivate you to walk, but it's going to a great cause; helping kids facing cancer.

Have a question?

Contact our Big Walk for Little Kids Team on  (02) 9876 0500 or email