The difference you make

Together, Big Ride 2023 participants are aiming to raise $500,000.

That’s enough to fund:

Kids’ Camp for around 200 children, allowing kids to be kids, to laugh, get messy and have fun.
Family Retreats for 12 months for families separated by cancer treatment.
Family Camps for more than 200 families impacted by cancer, rediscover fun and spend quality time together after months in hospital.

Fully funds one Cancer Education Program for four primary schools or preschools, helping to reduce the likelihood of bullying and create inclusive school communities for kids impacted by cancer.

Supports a Family Fun Day for up to 25 families to experience a special day out and create happy memories not centred on illness.

Enables us to host a full Family Camp for three to five days, bringing together over 20 kids and families to take a break from cancer, enjoy quality time together, and build support networks with other families who understand what they’re going through.

Our Programs and Services

Camp Quality brings positivity, fun and laughter back into the lives of kids facing cancer. Our programs and services help families build optimism and resilience through community, education and fun. We are there for kids (0-15) dealing with their own cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a sibling or parent, every step of the way: in hospital, at school, online, and away from it all at our camps and retreats.

illustration kids camp


Camp Quality Recreation Programs give kids and their families a break from cancer and a chance to reconnect away from it all at camps, retreats and events.

Child life therapy


Child Life Therapists provide medical-play techniques that build understanding, resilience and empowerment to support kids undergoing cancer treatment.

puppet programs


The Camp Quality Puppets are at school, in hospital and online, in order to help bust myths about cancer and provide therapeutic laughter and fun.


Parenting Through Cancer is a free telephone counselling service for parents and carers impacted by their own diagnosis, or their child's.

illustration of digital resources


Digital Puppet Playdates bring joy to kids on their devices. The Kids' Guide to Cancer and New Normal Navigator apps provide education and resources.

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