How fit do I need to be, to be involved in this event?

This challenge requires a HIGH level of fitness to complete. While it is not a race, riders must be able to maintain an average speed of between 22kmph and 23kmph and have sufficient strength and cardio fitness to ride over undulating roads. It is one thing to be able to ride 100km in a day, but the ability to back that up over ten consecutive days is a very different level of fitness both physically and mentally. The fitter you are, the more you can enjoy the many team challenges and the social aspects of the ride. 

Our number one priority is safety and when cycling in a group the safety of all members is each and everyone’s responsibility. You are required to prove that you are a safe member of the ride group which may involve demonstrating bike handling and fitness skills through qualifying requirements. The qualifying requirements policy will be updated once registration confirmed. 

What are the bike requirements?

  • To complete the event, you must have a road bike and use cleats
  • All bikes MUST be serviced within 2 weeks of the ride
  • All bikes must have one of the designated tyres on them, or you will not be permitted to ride.

What are the costs involved and what is included?

There is a small non refundable fee for participants which will cover the following expenses in the lead up to the event:

Rider registraion fee - $400

  • All meals
  • Fruit and snacks for breaks
  • 2 x event riding jerseys (more can be purchased for an additional cost)
  • 2 x event polos (more can be purchased for an additional cost)
  • 2 x Pairs of event Knicks/Bibs to be worn during the event (additional can be purchased)
  • 1 x branded cap (additional can be purchased)
  • Bus to the starting destination
  • Medical and logistical supplies for the event e.g. sunscreen, Panadol, bike tubes and other mechanical supplies

Support Crew registraion fee - $250

  • All meals
  • Fruit and snacks for breaks
  • 2 x event polos (more can be purchased for an additional cost)
  • 1 x branded cap (additional can be purchased)
  • Medical and logistical supplies for the event e.g. sunscreen, Panadol, bike tubes and other mechanical supplies

Shared, budget style accommodation is included for duration of the event – pending minimum fundraising requirement being met

What is NOT included:

  • Any beverages of an evening
  • Bike repairs
  • Ambulance and Medical Insurance
  • Any other incidental costs incurred during the event

Do I need to book my own accommodation?

Camp Quality will book all accommodation for the event, so we can all stay together where possible. Each evening riders and support crew stay in budget accommodation which is typically shared accommodation. The cost of accommodation on the event is included.

What about my luggage?

Our wonderful support crew will transport all the luggage between accommodations each day. Please note, there is minimal space, so each person is permitted to bring one bag with only the necessities.

How much do I need to fundraise?

Each rider needs to fundraise a minimum of $3,000 and each support crew member needs to raise a minimum of $1,500. The Events Team are here to offer guidance and assistance with all your fundraising activities. Any shortfall from this amount will need to be paid personally prior to the commencement of the ride.

How do I fundraise?

The Camp Quality Event team are here to support you through all your fundraising efforts. We have a heap of hints, tips and ideas within our fundraising toolkit. Here are two great ways to start your fundraising:

  • Sponsorship – Each team has their own jerseys and polo shirts which are always worn on the event and provide sponsorship opportunities for you to sell to businesses. Please refer to Sponsorship Packages for full details.
  • Fundraising Page Donations - Once you register, you will set up your personal fundraising page which you can share with your friends and family via social media and email. This is an effective way to spread the word about the challenge you are taking on and ask your networks to support your fundraising goals.

If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at

Can I partner up with other riders to fundraise?

Yes, you can. You can partner up with others doing the ride and fundraise together to be part of a wider team. Please note though there is still a minimum to fundraise of $3,000 per rider and $1,500 for support crew.

What are the safety requirements?

Our number one priority is safety. The ride is conducted on busy roads to which the course has been designed in close consultation with NSW/QLD Police and RTA. Concentration and vigilance on the road is paramount as individual safety is group safety. The ride has a yellow and red card system in place which will be explained in safety briefings. Failure to follow safety guidelines will see you removed from the road. It is expected that riders prioritise their safety and the safety of the riders around them.

What occurs if something happens to my bike mechanically on the ride? 

We are very lucky to travel with bike mechanics.  They are there to assist with changing tubes and fixing bike problems in general and will have you back on the road and racing to join the pack again in no time.  If a problem occurs were new parts are required, we will try to source these on the route, but the cost will be at the rider’s own expense.

What if I'm injured or become ill during the event?

We have a medical team on the ride. They make the final decision as to a person’s state of health and their ability to ride in the group.

Due to limited space in support vehicles, riders/support crew who are unable to continue in their capacity as a participant may be required to return to Newcastle. The event managers reserve the right to make the final decision on this if required.

Do I need to provide my own insurance and ambulance cover?

Yes. Please be aware that Camp Quality holds NO ambulance coverage for you in relation to the ride. However, our procedure (should you be injured, other than basic scratches and bruises) will be to call an ambulance. A trip in an ambulance can be very costly. Please note it is the individual’s responsibility to have their own insurance and ambulance cover.

Are there any other activities during 1,000Ks 4 Kids? 

As part of the ride we visit schools along the way to watch firsthand the Camp Quality Primary School Education Program puppet show that dispels myths about cancer and creates an inclusive community for children who are impacted by cancer, be that their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. We also include a variety of Fun Therapy activities that we run throught the event. We believe laughter is the best medicine and we like to make sure everyone has a good laugh each day.

What is the role of support crew on the ride?

We have around 18-20 wonderful support crew members on the ride who are there to ensure everyone has a safe, organised and fun ride.  Support crew roles can include:

  • Massage therapists
  • Medical crew (doctor/nurse/paramedic)
  • On road support vehicle drivers
  • Logistics crew
  • Supply and food crew
  • Fun therapy organisation
  • PR and media crew
  • Other duties as required

The support crew support the riders on route, assist event managers as required, drive the culture of the event and uphold and enforce the safety and values of Camp Quality. They are the backbone of the ride!


If you need any further information or guidance, please contact us for more information. 

1000Ks 4 Kids Event Team  
02 4947 3041

Event Director - Michael Phillips 

Communications Manager - Karen Powers 

Event Coordinator - Rebecca Collins  

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