Will you support the Camp Quality Puppet Show and kids facing cancer?

It's terribly unfair that cancer forces children like Zoe to suffer so much in the first place. It’s doubly cruel that some are also being teased, humiliated and left out at school.   

Camp Quality's Puppet Shows teach primary school children about cancer, and why it’s important to be caring friends to kids like Zoe. Your gift today could help bring these wonderful Puppets, and other resources from our Primary School Education Program to more children who desperately need them.

With your help, these Camp Quality Puppets go into primary schools to teach children about cancer and kids like Zoe feel accepted, supported and understood by their classmates.

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could help fund children to see a Camp Quality Puppet Show where they learn about cancer and how to support their friends who are going through it.
could help pay for Camp Quality Welcome Packs, so families know how to tap into the support of Puppet Power and the New Normal Navigator app.
could help take puppets Mel, Dean and Kylie on a tour to regional areas, where kids facing cancer have to wait longer to hear their life-changing message.
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